MetDesk provides a growing range of dedicated weather services for a wide variety of applications.

Severe Rainfall Alerting

Key features

Using our next generation forecasting system, and combining decades of relevant expertise, MetDesk has developed a unique severe rainfall monitoring and forecast solution, understanding the behaviour of water in catchments, drainage networks, rivers and coastal regions is critical for flood forecasting.

Combination of high resolution real time observations and atmospheric forecast models
Real time
Incorporates the very latest rain radar forecast every 5 minutes
Service capable of delivering forecasts at any location
Offering unrivalled meteorological consultancy services
Next generation forecasting system.


Key features

Get your audience the very latest weather information fast.

Breaking news
The latest insight on global weather stories
Bespoke visuals and weather packages available
Local to Global
Detailed and accurate forecast packages for your area and the whole world
Real time
The very latest observed conditions

Range of weather parameters

Our cutting edge systems ensure that we are the market leader for flexible and accurate weather information specifically tailored for digital publication.

Latest observations and hourly forecasts for the next ten days
Rainfall forecasts and accumulated totals
Latest satellite images and forecast cloud cover
Jet Stream
Innovative jet stream animations
Climate anomaly
Comparing forecast to climate normal
New lightning risk forecasts
Wind speed, direction and peak gust speed forecasts
Timely, creative content for digital platforms.

Snow Radar App

Key features

The highest resolution and fastest snow radar available today.

The latest info on UK snow
High resolution, animated at 5 minute intervals for the previous 2 hours overlaid on a flexible map base
Very easy to interpret
Green = sleet / wet snow
Blue = rain
Yellow = freezing rain
Specific for you
The app automatically recognises your location and presents localised weather information for you
Share content easily
Maps can easily be shared via email, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage and saved to your Camera Roll
Universal App available
For iOS7 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices
Snow forecast radar
For the next two hours ahead
Providing the very latest snow status and forecast.


Use MetDesk’s high resolution snowfall radar to see exactly where precipitation is falling as snow, sleet, rain or freezing rain on a fully zoomable map. The animated visualisation allows you to see the snowfall radar in 5 minute time-steps over the last 2 hours, as well as a forecast for the coming 2 hours.

Use the locate me function to quickly zoom into your current position on the map.

Share exciting #uksnow event images with your friends and family using the App’s in-built share feature supporting Facebook, Twitter, Email and iMessage. You can even save images to your Camera Roll!

Use this essential app, Snow Radar, to plan your life and be prepared for the challenges that snowfall brings to the UK. Snow Radar is part of the MetDesk family of apps which includes the hugely successful Home and Dry app.

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Home and Dry App

Key features

Forecast rain radar
For the next two hours ahead
The latest rain radar info
Animated at 5 minute intervals for the previous 2 hours
Featured locations
Points of interest are highlighted with map markers
Easily share content
Any of the app content can be shared via social media
Location specific
Automatically recognises your location and presents localised weather information
Animated forecast maps
Displays Rainfall, Temperature, Weather Symbols, Cloud Cover, Wind, and the Jet Stream.
The highest quality radar available in any app or on the internet!


The radar shows exactly where and how hard it is raining across the UK. Radar images in Home and Dry are at a 1km resolution and at 5 minute intervals, which is the highest quality available in any app or on the internet.

Use the observed radar and the forecast radar to understand exactly where the rain is, and where it is going relative to where you are. You should be able to see at what time it is either going to rain, or when it is going to stop raining.

Check the radar before you need to go out so you can either adjust your timings to avoid getting soaked, or use the radar to be prepared and take an umbrella or coat with you.

You can use Home and Dry for every trip outdoors, be it the school run, the commute to work, a walk in the park, watching football, going for a cycle, mowing the lawn, simply anything.

Sometimes you can avoid the rain, sometimes you can’t. But at least with Home and Dry you can know when it is going to rain and plan accordingly.

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