MetDesk delivers a whole host of services to weather sensitive markets Globally.


Most climate change experts now accept that future weather will be dominated by more extreme and unseasonal events. Managers across a broad range of industries therefore need relevant tools in order to properly understand the weather and its likely impacts.

Key features

MetDesk supplies a range of services to assist with understanding and managing risk, along with a range of verification data tools. Detailed and up to the minute forecast services provide pro-active notification of forthcoming events in accordance with pre-defined thresholds

Detailed forecasting providing advance warning of severe weather events
Historic data
Ground observations and historic model forecasts
Data analysis and weather indices
Hosted services
Provision of observation data, historic forecast information and weather indices
Weather plays a critical role for insurance and risk management businesses.


Key features

The retail community understands both the opportunities and the challenges that good, bad or unseasonal weather has on profits. MetDesk has developed a comprehensive range of weather information tools to ensure that our clients are properly prepared and can plan accordingly.

Real time
Detailed short range hourly forecasts updated through the day
Location specific
5 day forecasts presented clearly and concisely
Be prepared
Longer range forecasts to assist with operational planning
Push notifications of inclement weather or forecast updates
Be Prepared. Make Better Decisions.

Event Management

Whether you’re a groundsperson, stadium manager, festival organiser or shooting film on location, weather is essential for strategic planning. MetDesk already delivers bespoke forecast services to National sports teams and Stadia around the World.

Key features

Developed especially for the exacting requirements of our clients, MetDesk delivers a highly personalised range of services from detailed short range forecasts to medium range outlook forecasts all backed-up by friendly telephone consultancy services.

Forecasting everywhere
Forecasts tailored for your exact event location(s)
The most accurate forecasts available today
Real time
Updated continually to ensure the very latest information
Always there
Telephone consultancy with our expert meteorologists 24/7
Better forecasts. Better Planning.

Solar Climatologies

Key features

MetDesk delivers the longest available high resolution satellite based data set of global and direct solar radiation.

Large datasets
Dating back to 1983
Available in hourly, daily or monthly means with a horizontal spatial resolution of 3km
Raw data is based on the MFG and MSG meteorological satellites operated by EUMETSAT
Daily or accumulated climate anomaly charts
Offering the most accurate and innovative range of weather services available today.


Analysis of GHI and DIF based on the latest satellite based dataset

Available solar resource potential based on the longest available record

Solar research assessment reports

User-specific time series aggregated values (hourly, daily, monthly, yearly sums)

Variety of flexible formats available (Grib, Netcdf, csv, xlsx)

Data exported in map / kml format

24/7 technical support